Cooling fan drive design video

Air end compression system
100% imported from Germany. In order to ensure the quality of operation and stable air flow of the the air compressor, we use German high-precision rotors with stable performance, excellent quality, and more durability.
Design of fan blade
Innovative high-flow fan blades, the blade angle is enlarged; and the flow rate is increased. It is specially designed for tropical areas. It is faster heat dissipation and higher efficiency than general-purpose exhaust fans on the market.
Seamless steel pipe line design
DYNA screw type air compressor adapted the latest technique of connector of bent pipes, with audio frequency monitored by national certified laboratory, DYNA developed exclusive design to use seamless steel pipeline for all series. Quality is guaranteed, no oil leakage.
Cooling system
Oil filtration + thermostat = anti-emulsification, no degeneration. Design according to subtropical weather, optimal tipping point of water evaporation be fixed, cycling oil stay pure, no emulsification, no degeneration, normal machine operation insured.
Oil/air separator system
Pressure retaining valve reduce the pressure difference, the oil particles atomized and diffused after impact, with patented mechanical oil tank separation, the air discharged with oil content below 2 ppm.
Dust filtration net System
DYNA R&D team designed fore-installed dust infiltration net, Capture efficiency it’s over 90%, efficiently blocked the dust from the machine. It extends durability of consumables, light in weight, easy installation and replacement, small in pressure loss, big in air volume processed. It saves a lot of equipment and man power.
F.A.D. at Working PressureMotor
Air Outlet
Pipe Dia
Compressor DimensionsNet Weight
m³/mincfmm³/mincfmm³/mincfmkWHPinchL × W × H (mm)kgs
B120DS120-223.51242.851002.1381.622301 1/41275 × 1025 × 1530667
DS120-304.51593.61273.010630401 1/41275 × 1025 × 1530687